Genesis 46:23-33 NLT

23 The son of Dan was Hushim.
24 The sons of Naphtali were Jahzeel, Guni, Jezer, and Shillem.
25 These seven were the descendants of Jacob through Bilhah, the servant given to Rachel by her father, Laban.
26 So the total number of Jacob's direct descendants who went with him to Egypt, not counting his sons' wives, was sixty-six.
27 Joseph also had two sons a who had been born in Egypt. So altogether, there were seventy b members of Jacob's family in the land of Egypt.

References for Genesis 46:27

    • ç 46:27 - Greek version reads <I>nine sons,</I> probably including Joseph's grandsons through Ephraim and Manasseh (see 1 Chr 7:14-20).
    • è 46:27 - Greek version reads <I>seventy-five;</I> see note on Exod 1:5.
      28 Jacob sent Judah on ahead to meet Joseph and get directions to the land of Goshen. And when they all arrived there,
      29 Joseph prepared his chariot and traveled to Goshen to meet his father. As soon as Joseph arrived, he embraced his father and wept on his shoulder for a long time.
      30 Then Jacob said to Joseph, "Now let me die, for I have seen you with my own eyes and know you are still alive."
      31 And Joseph said to his brothers and to all their households, "I'll go and tell Pharaoh that you have all come from the land of Canaan to join me.
      32 And I will tell him, 'These men are shepherds and livestock breeders. They have brought with them their flocks and herds and everything they own.'
      33 So when Pharaoh calls for you and asks you about your occupation,