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In this chapter we are told, that Jacob with all his family and
substance took a journey to Egypt to see his son Joseph, as he
determined, in which he was encouraged to proceed by a vision from God,
\\#Ge 46:1-7\\; and an account is given of all his sons, his sons' sons and
daughters that went thither with him, \\#Ge 46:8-27\\; when he came near to
Egypt he sent Judah before him to Joseph, to acquaint him of his
coming, who met him at Goshen, where there was a most affectionate
interview between them, \\#Ge 46:28-30\\; and when he gave directions and
instructions what answers to give to Pharaoh's questions, when they
should appear before him, to whom he proposed to go and inform him of
their being come into Egypt, \\#Ge 46:31-34\\.

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