Hebrews 2:6-10 NLT

6 For in one place the Scriptures say, “What are mere mortals that you should think about them, or a son of mana that you should care for him?

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    • 2:6 - Or the Son of Man.
      7 Yet you made them only a little lower than the angels and crowned them with glory and honor.b

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        • 2:7 - Some manuscripts add You gave them charge of everything you made.
          8 You gave them authority over all things.”c Now when it says “all things,” it means nothing is left out. But we have not yet seen all things put under their authority.

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            • 2:8 - Ps 8:4-6 (Greek version).
              9 What we do see is Jesus, who was given a position “a little lower than the angels”; and because he suffered death for us, he is now “crowned with glory and honor.” Yes, by God’s grace, Jesus tasted death for everyone.
              10 God, for whom and through whom everything was made, chose to bring many children into glory. And it was only right that he should make Jesus, through his suffering, a perfect leader, fit to bring them into their salvation.