John 13:18-30 NLT

18 "I am not saying these things to all of you; I know so well each one of you I chose. The Scriptures declare, 'The one who shares my food has turned against me,' a and this will soon come true.

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      19 I tell you this now, so that when it happens you will believe I am the Messiah.
      20 Truly, anyone who welcomes my messenger is welcoming me, and anyone who welcomes me is welcoming the Father who sent me."
      21 Now Jesus was in great anguish of spirit, and he exclaimed, "The truth is, one of you will betray me!"
      22 The disciples looked at each other, wondering whom he could mean.
      23 One of Jesus' disciples, the one Jesus loved, was sitting next to Jesus at the table. b

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        • ¤ 13:23 - Greek <I>was reclining on Jesus' bosom.</I> The "disciple whom Jesus loved" was probably John.
          24 Simon Peter motioned to him to ask who would do this terrible thing.
          25 Leaning toward Jesus, he asked, "Lord, who is it?"
          26 Jesus said, "It is the one to whom I give the bread dipped in the sauce." And when he had dipped it, he gave it to Judas, son of Simon Iscariot.
          27 As soon as Judas had eaten the bread, Satan entered into him. Then Jesus told him, "Hurry. Do it now."
          28 None of the others at the table knew what Jesus meant.
          29 Since Judas was their treasurer, some thought Jesus was telling him to go and pay for the food or to give some money to the poor.
          30 So Judas left at once, going out into the night.