Jeremiah 13:18-27 NRS

18 Say to the king and the queen mother: "Take a lowly seat, for your beautiful crown has come down from your head." a

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    • – 13:18 - Gk Syr Vg: Meaning of Heb uncertain
      19 The towns of the Negeb are shut up with no one to open them; all Judah is taken into exile, wholly taken into exile.
      20 Lift up your eyes and see those who come from the north. Where is the flock that was given you, your beautiful flock?
      21 What will you say when they set as head over you those whom you have trained to be your allies? Will not pangs take hold of you, like those of a woman in labor?
      22 And if you say in your heart, "Why have these things come upon me?" it is for the greatness of your iniquity that your skirts are lifted up, and you are violated.
      23 Can Ethiopians b change their skin or leopards their spots? Then also you can do good who are accustomed to do evil.

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        • — 13:23 - Or [Nubians]; Heb [Cushites]
          24 I will scatter you c like chaff driven by the wind from the desert.

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              25 This is your lot, the portion I have measured out to you, says the Lord, because you have forgotten me and trusted in lies.
              26 I myself will lift up your skirts over your face, and your shame will be seen.
              27 I have seen your abominations, your adulteries and neighings, your shameless prostitutions on the hills of the countryside. Woe to you, O Jerusalem! How long will it be before you are made clean?