Numbers 22:36-41 NIV

36 When Balak1 heard that Balaam was coming, he went out to meet him at the Moabite town on the Arnon2 border, at the edge of his territory.

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      37 Balak said to Balaam, "Did I not send you an urgent summons? Why didn't you come to me? Am I really not able to reward you?"
      38 "Well, I have come to you now," Balaam replied. "But can I say just anything? I must speak only what God puts in my mouth."3

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      39 Then Balaam went with Balak to Kiriath Huzoth.
      40 Balak sacrificed cattle and sheep,4 and gave some to Balaam and the princes who were with him.

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      41 The next morning Balak took Balaam up to Bamoth Baal,5 and from there he saw part of the people.6

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