The children of Israel being come into the plains of Moab, put the
king of Moab into a panic, who expressed his fears to the elders of
Midian, \\#Nu 22:1-4\\ and sent for Balaam the soothsayer to curse
the people of Israel, but he, upon consulting the Lord refused to
come, \\#Nu 22:5-14\\, on which the king of Moab sent to him a second
time, making large promises of preferment to him, and who at this
time got leave from the Lord to go with the messengers,
\\#Nu 22:15-21\\, but was met with in the way by an angel of the Lord,
who would have slain him had it not been for his ass, of which a very
wonderful revelation is given, \\#Nu 22:22-35\\, and the chapter is
closed with the interview between Balak king of Moab and Balaam, and
an account of what passed between them, and what was done by them,
\\#Nu 22:36-41\\.