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  • The Gospel: Far More Than a Key to the Front Door

    Mark Altrogge
    The Gospel: Far More Than a Key to the Front Door The gospel isn’t only for unbelievers to receive forgiveness of sins, but for every believer every day of our lives. It’s our meat and drink, our oxygen.
  • If I Only Knew More

    Philip Nation
    If I Only Knew More Have you ever met that guy who just knew more than everyone else in the room? Or wanted to prove it? Does knowing any of this make you feel better about life and eternity? No, as Ecclesiastes shows.
  • Acts: The Remedy for "Irrelevant" Church

    R. Kent Hughes
    Acts: The Remedy for In our day one of the nicer things said about the institutional church is that it is “irrelevant.” The book of Acts carries the remedy.

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  • Preaching: Exposing God's Glory

    Jared C. Wilson
    Preaching: Exposing God's Glory Contrary to popular wisdom, good preaching has little to do with eloquence, fashion, or the length of a sermon. Good preaching is all about content and posture.
  • Pastoring a Pentecostal Church

    Hugh Bair
    Pastoring a Pentecostal Church A Pentecostal minister cannot respond to our postmodern world with strategies that deal only with surface issues. Instead, he or she must create new methods of sharing the message without disturbing the essential qualities that make the Pentecostal church Pentecostal.
  • 7 Tips for Creating Time to Think

    Philip Nation
    7 Tips for Creating Time to Think When you are busy… and we’re all busy… we need principles we hold to in order to simply think, dream, and strategize. I recently shared seven ways that I am trying to implement more brain time into my life. Here they are...
  • How Do Pastors "Guard the Truth"?

    Brian Croft
    How Do Pastors The charge to guard the truth of the gospel and the apostle’s teaching has been passed down and entrusted to faithful men—undershepherds of the Lord Jesus Christ. In other words…pastors.
  • The Preacher and the Text

    Founders Ministries Blog
    The Preacher and the Text How do I avoid falling into the trap of trying to impress others with my self-perceived cleverness or homiletical skills or oratorical abilities? Let me offer a few questions to help preachers and teachers to better prepare to “preach the Word.”
  • So, You're Preaching This Sunday...

    Ray Pritchard
    So, You're Preaching This Sunday... Let’s suppose you’re a pastor and you’re preaching this Sunday. That’s six days away. To the man or woman in the pew, that seems like a long time, but it’s not. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Preacher’s Calendar. It goes like this...