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7 Tips for Creating Time to Think

Philip Nation

When you're busy, you need principles to hold to in order to think, dream, and strategize. Here are seven ways to implement more brain time into your life.

How a Man After God’s Own Heart Leads: Lessons from King David

Ron Edmondson

One great example of motivating a team during crisis comes from the writings of David in Psalm 3. At the time of this writing, it is believed that David was hiding out from his own son Absalom. His encouragement kept his troops focused and gave them strength they needed in desperate times.

Refresh Your Greek in 15 Minutes a Day

Theologically Driven

If you’ve decided to shake out of your Greek-less stupor in this new year but aren’t yet sure how to do it, let me try to offer you some help.

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The Distinguishing Mark of Christianity

Jesus is Lord is the distinguishing article of Christianity and marks the essential confession of faith. Jesus proclaimed it to His disciples, His enemies, and His casual inquirers alike - and He refused to tone down its implications.

Romans: The Greatest Letter Ever Written

From studying Paul’s letter to the Romans, we can learn the content of the Christian faith like nowhere else in the New Testament. In his letter, Paul opens vistas to the gospel, shining a light on what we can experience by embracing and living in the Good News of Christ.

The Testing of Your Faith

The glory of God is more important than your or my comfort. That is a statement with which all Christians will readily agree... in theory

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