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  • Integrity

    Michael Shannon
    In Melbourne, Florida, firefighters got so consumed with an emergency they forgot to turn off a fryer in their kitchen and started a fire in their own station.
  • Influence

    Influence Michael Shaara died thinking he was a failure. His great love was writing.
  • Influence

    Many Christians wear a WWJD band on their arms. This stands for the question, "What Would Jesus Do?"
  • Influence

    The ancient Greek mathematician once used his ingenuity to help defend his home against foreign invaders.
  • Influence

    Rivers gain more attention than the little streams that create them.
  • Immaturity

    Food fights aren't that unusual. According to the Associated Press, a Lee Thoss and a William Hocker got into a fight over Lee's picking through the lettuce at a salad bar.
  • Humility

    Watchman Nee used to tell of a Chinese Christian who was a poor rice farmer.
  • Hope

    In a cemetery in Jaffrey, New Hampshire you can read the following epitaph:
  • Honesty

    Several older men were talking about the greatest liars they had ever seen.
  • Honesty

    A man saw an ad in the paper advertising a talking dog for twenty dollars. He knew it wasn't possible, but his curiosity got the best of him.
  • Heaven

    The great Methodist preacher, Charles Allen, used to tell the story of a little girl who was taking an evening walk with her father. Wonderingly, she looked up at the stars and exclaimed; "Oh, Daddy, if the wrong side of heaven is so beautiful, what must the right side be!"
  • Heaven

    There is an old legend of a swan and a crane.
  • Heaven

    In the book, Salt, the author describes a fictional character (though based on fact) who left the southern Appalachians to live and work in Kansas.
  • God

    H.G. Wells once said, "If there is no God, nothing matters. If there is a God, nothing else matters!"
  • Gambling

    According to a March 31 Baptist Press story, "The percentage of Americans who play the lottery has dropped significantly in recent years while the percentage who visit casinos has risen slightly, a Gallup poll shows.
  • Freedom

    For many years the license plates of New Hampshire, bore the slogan, made famous by Revolutionary War general John Stark - live free or die.
  • Forgiveness

    In his very entertaining book, Bible in Pocket, Gun in Hand, Ross Pahres tells about a frontier preacher who was preaching against the sin of hatred.
  • Foolishness

    In what must be one of the worst choices of all time, a man tried to hijack a police cruiser, with the police inside.
  • Fellowship

    ohn Fawcett was the beloved minister of a small, rural church. He was called to a larger church in the city, but at the last moment he changed his mind.
  • Family

    There is a famous scene in the original Peter Pan. Peter is in the children's bedroom; they have seen him fly, and they wish to fly, too.