Philippians 1:15-18 NIV

15 It is true that some preach Christ out of envy and rivalry, but others out of goodwill.
16 The latter do so in love, knowing that I am put here for the defense of the gospel.1

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    • 25 1:16 - ver 7,12
      17 The former preach Christ out of selfish ambition,2 not sincerely, supposing that they can stir up trouble for me while I am in chains.a3

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        • c 1:17 - ,17 Some late manuscripts have verses 16 and 17 in reverse order.
          18 But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice. Yes, and I will continue to rejoice,