Colossians 3:1-7 TYN

1 If ye be then rysen agayne with christ seke those thynges which are above where Christ sitteth on the right honde of god.
2 Set youre affeccion on thynges yt are above and not on thinges which are on ye erth.
3 For ye are deed and youre lyfe is hid with Christ in god.
4 When Christ which is oure lyfe shall shewe him silfe then shall ye also appere with him in glory.
5 Mortifie therfore youre membres which are on the erth fornicacio vnclennes vnnaturall lust evyll cocupiscece and coveteousnes which is worshippynge of ydols:
6 for which thynges sakes the wrath of God cometh on the chyldren of vnbeleve.
7 In which thynges ye walked once. when ye lived in them.