This chapter contains exhortations to several duties, some more
general, which relate to all Christians, and others more particular,
which belong to saints in such and such a state of life. The apostle
begins with an exhortation to seek things heavenly, and not earthly,
and to set the affections on the one, and not on the other: the
arguments used to enforce it are taken from the saints being risen
with Christ; from Christ being in heaven at the Father's right hand;
from their being dead to sin, the law, and the world; from their
having life in Christ safe and secure; yea, from Christ being their
life, and their appearance with him in glory, \\#Col 3:1-4\\. And next
he proceeds to an exhortation to the mortification of sin, and the
deeds of it, which he urges from the wrath of God coming upon men
for these things, and from the consideration of their former state
and condition, expressed by walking and living in them, \\#Col 3:5-7\\,
and by a metaphor taken from the putting off and on of garments, he
exhorts to the putting off of the old man, with his deeds, several
of which are mentioned, \\#Col 3:8,9\\, and to the putting on of the
new man, and to the exercise of various graces, as mercy, meekness,
forbearance, forgiveness, charity, and peace, \\#Col 3:10-15\\. And then
he proceeds to exhort to such duties as relate to the word and
worship of God; as that the word of Christ should have an abiding
place in them, and that they should teach and instruct one another
by singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, and do all they did
in a religious way, in the name of Christ, with thankfulness to God
by him, \\#Col 3:16,17\\. And closes the chapter with the duties of
wives to their husbands, and of husbands to their wives, and of
children to their parents, and of parents to their children, and of
servants to their masters, \\#Col 3:18-25\\.

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