Exodus 14:5-15 TYN

5 And whe it was tolde the kynge of Egipte that the people fled, tha Pharaos harte and all his seruautes turned vnto the people ad. sayde why haue we this done, that we haue let Israel go out of oure seruyce?
6 and he made redie his charettes ad toke his people with hym
7 ad toke vi. hudred chosen charettes ad all the charettes of Egipte ad captaynes vppo all his people.
8 For the Lorde hardened the harte of Pharao kynge of Egipte, that he folowed after the childern of Israel which for all that went out thorow an hye hade,
9 And the Egiptias folowed after the ad ouertoke the where they pitched by the see, with all the horsses ad charettes of Pharao ad with his horsseme ad his hoste: eue fast by the entrynge of Hiroth before Baal Zephon.
10 And Pharao drewe nye, ad whe the childern of Isreal lyft vp their eyes and sawe how the Egiptias folowed after the, they were sore a fraide ad cried out vnto the Lorde
11 Tha sayde they vnto Moses? were there no graues for us in Egipte, but thou must bringe us awaye for to dye in the wyldernesse? wherfore hast thou serued us thus, for to carie us out of Egipte?
12 Dyd not we tell the this in Egipte saynge, let us be in rest and serue the Egiptians? For it had bene better for us to haue serued the Egiptians, than for to dye in the wildernesse.
13 And Moses sayde vnto the people: feare ye not but stonde still and beholde how the Lorde shall saue you this daye: For as ye se the Egiptians this daye, shall ye see them nomore for euer till the worldes ende.
14 The Lorde shall fighte for you and ye shall holde youre peace.
15 The Lorde sayde vnto Moses: wherfore criest thou vnto me? speake vnto the childern of Israel that they goo forwarde.