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This chapter begins with directions of God to Moses, to be given to the
children of Israel about the course they were to steer in their
journey, with the reason thereof, \\#Ex 14:1-4\\, which they
observing, a report was brought to Pharaoh that they were fled,
and this determined him and his servants to get ready and pursue after
them, as they did with a great army, \\#Ex 14:5-9\\, which when the
Israelites saw, it put them in great fear, and set them to murmuring
and complaining against Moses for bringing them out of Egypt,
\\#Ex 14:10,11,12\\, who desired them to be still and quiet, and they
should see the salvation of the Lord, \\#Ex 14:13,14\\, and he is
bid to order the people to go on in their journey, and to take his
rod and stretch it over the sea and divide it, that Israel might
pass through it on dry ground, and the Egyptians follow them,
whereby God would be honoured and glorified, \\#Ex 14:15-18\\, upon
which the Angel of the Lord in a pillar of cloud removed from before
there, and went behind them for their protection, \\#Ex 14:19,20\\,
and Moses stretching out his hand over the sea, and a strong east
wind blowing upon it, the waters divided and the Israelites went
into it, and the Egyptians followed them, but their host being
troubled by the Lord, and their chariot wheels taken off, they found
themselves in great danger, and were thrown into a panic,
\\#Ex 14:20-25\\ and upon Moses's stretching out his hand again over the
sea, the waters returned, and Pharaoh and his host were drowned, but
the Israelites passed through safely, as on dry land,
\\#Ex 14:26-29\\, which great work of the Lord being observed by them,
influenced their fear of him, their faith in him and his servant
Moses, \\#Ex 14:30,31\\.

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