Exodus 31:1-6 TYN

1 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses saynge:
2 beholde, I haue called by name, Bezaleel the sonne of Vrisone to Hur of the tribe of Iuda.
3 And I haue filled hi with the sprete of God, with wisdome, vnderstondinge ad knowlege: eue in all maner worke,
4 to finde out sotle faytes, to worke in golde syluer ad brasse
5 and with the crafte to graue stones, to set ad to carue in tibre ad to worke in all maner workmashipe.
6 And beholde, I haue geue him to be his companion Ahaliab the sonne of Ahisamach of the tribe of Dan, and in the hertes of all that are wise harted I haue put wisdom to make all that I haue commaunded the: