Hebrews 10:14-24 TYN

14 For with one offerynge hath he made parfecte for ever them yt are sanctified.
15 And ye holy goost also beareth vs recorde of this even when he tolde before:
16 This is the testament that I will make vnto them after those dayes sayth the lorde. I will put my lawes in their hertes and in their mynde I will write them
17 and their synnes and iniquyties will I remember no moare.
18 And where remission of these thinges is there is no moare offerynge for synne.
19 Seynge brethren that by the meanes of the bloud of Iesu we maye be bolde to enter into that holy place
20 by the newe and livynge waye which he hath prepared for vs through the vayle that is to saye by his flesshe.
21 And seynge also that we have an hye prest which is ruler over ye housse of god
22 let vs drawe nye with a true herte in a full fayth sprynckeled in oure hertes from an evyll conscience and wesshed in oure bodies with pure water
23 and let vs kepe the profession of oure hope with oute waveringe (for he is faythfull that promysed)
24 and let vs consyder one another to provoke vnto love and to good workes: