1 I am the true vyne and my father ys an husbande man.
2 Every braunche that beareth not frute in me he will take awaye. And every braunche that beareth frute will he pourge yt it maye bringe moare frute.
3 Now are ye cleane thorow ye wordes which I have spoke vnto you.
4 Byde in me and let me byde in you. As ye braunche canot beare frute of it sylfe excepte it byde in the vyne: no more can ye excepte ye abyde in me.
5 I am the vyne and ye are the braunches. He that abydeth in me and I in him the same bringeth forth moche frute. For with out me can ye do nothinge.
6 Yf a man byde not in me he ys cast forthe as a braunche and is wyddered: and men gadder it and cast it into the fyre and it burneth.
7 Yf ye byde in me and my wordes also byde in you: axe what ye will and it shalbe done to you .
8 Heare in is my father glorified that ye beare moche frute and be made my disciples.
9 As the father hath loved me eve so have I leved you. Continue in my love.
10 Yf ye shall kepe my comaudemetes ye shall byde in my love eve as I have kept my fathers comaundementes and byde in his love.
11 These thinges have I spoken vnto you yt my ioye myght remayne in you and that youre ioye might be full.
12 This is my commaundement that ye love togedder as I have loved you.
13 Gretter love then this hath no man then that a man bestowe his lyfe for his frendes.
14 Ye are my fredes yf ye do whatsoever I commaunde you.
15 Hence forth call I you not servauntes: for the servaunt knoweth not what his Lorde doeth. But you have I called frendes: for all thinges that I have hearde of my father I have opened to you.
16 Ye have not chosen me but I have chosen you and ordeyned you that ye go and bringe forthe frute and that youre frute remayne that whatsoever ye shall axe of the father in my name he shulde geve it you.
17 This comaunde I you that ye love to gedder.