Luke 22:1-11 TYN

1 The feaste of swete breed drue nye whiche is called ester
2 and the hye prestes and Scribes sought how to kyll him but they feared the people.
3 Then entred Satan into Iudas whose syr name was Iscariot (which was of the nombre of the twelve)
4 and he went his waye and comuned with the hye Prestes and officers how he might betraye him to them.
5 And they were glad: and promysed to geve him money.
6 And he consented and sought oportunite to betraye him vnto them when the people were awaye.
7 Then came ye daye of swete breed when of necessite the esterlambe must be offered.
8 And he sent Peter and Iohn sayinge: Goo and prepare vs the ester lambe that we maye eate.
9 They sayde to him. Where wilt thou yt we prepare?
10 And he sayd vnto them. Beholde when ye be entred into the cite ther shall a man mete you bearinge a pitcher of water him folowe into the same housse yt he entreth in
11 and saye vnto ye good ma of ye housse. The master sayeth vnto ye: where is ye gest chamber where I shall eate myne ester lambe wt my disciples?