Luke 20:4-14 WNT

4 "was John's baptism of Heavenly or of human origin?"
5 So they debated the matter with one another. "If we say `Heavenly,'" they argued, "he will say, `Why did you not believe him?'
6 And if we say, `human,' the people will all stone us; for they are thoroughly convinced that John was a Prophet."
7 And they answered that they did not know the origin of it.
8 "Nor will I tell you," said Jesus, "by what authority I do these things."
9 Then He proceeded to speak a parable to the people. "There was a man," He said, "who planted a vineyard, let it out to vine-dressers, and went abroad for a considerable time.
10 At vintage-time he sent a servant to the vine-dressers, for them to give him a share of the crop; but the vine-dressers beat him cruelly and sent him away empty-handed.
11 Then he sent a second servant; and him too they beat and ill treated and sent away empty-handed.
12 Then again he sent a third; and this one also they wounded and drove away.
13 Then the owner of the vineyard said, "`What am I to do? I will send my son--my dearly-loved son: they will probably respect him.'
14 "But when the vine-dressers saw him, they discussed the matter with one another, and said, "`This is the heir: let us kill him, that the inheritance may be ours.'