Weymouth New Testament WNT

About the Weymouth New Testament

The Weymouth New Testament ("WNT"), also known as The New Testament in Modern Speech or The Modern Speech New Testament, is a translation into "modern" English as used in the nineteenth century from the text of The Resultant Greek Testament by Richard Francis Weymouth. Weymouth's popular translation of the New Testament into English was first published in 1903 and has been in print through numerous editions ever since with millions of copies sold. Weyland's aim was to discover how the inspired writers of the New Testament would have expressed and described the events of the New Testament and Gospels had they been actually writing in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Weymouth succeeded in rendering it into a dignified modern English edition; the absence of ecclesiastical and doctrinal bias make it accessible to Christian readers of all denominations.

The Weymouth New Testament is in the public domain.