Acts 12:3-13 WYC

3 And he saw that it pleased to the Jews, and cast to take also Peter; and the days of therf loaves were.
4 And when he had caught Peter, he sent him into prison; and betook him to four quaternions of knights, to keep him, and would after pask bring him forth to the people [willing after pask to bring him forth to the people].
5 And Peter was kept in prison; but prayer was made of the church without ceasing to God for him.
6 But when Herod should bring him forth, in that night Peter was sleeping betwixt two knights, and was bound with two chains [in that night, Peter was sleeping between two knights, bound with two chains]; and the keepers before the door kept the prison.
7 And lo! an angel of the Lord stood nigh, and light shone in the prison house. And when he had smitten the side of Peter, he raised him, and said, Rise thou swiftly [And the side of Peter smitten, he raised, or waked, him, saying, Rise swiftly]. And at once [And anon] the chains felled down from his hands.
8 And the angel said to him, Gird thee, and do on thine hoses [and do on thy hoses]. And he did so. And he said to him, Do about thee thy clothes [Do about to thee thy cloth], and follow me.
9 And he went out, and followed him; and he wist not that it was sooth, that was done by the angel; for he guessed himself to have seen a vision.
10 And they passed the first and the second ward, and came to the iron gate that leadeth to the city, which at once was opened to them [+the which willfully is opened to them/which at their own will was opened to them]. And they went out, and came [forth] into one street, and at once [and anon] the angel passed away from him.
11 And Peter turned again to himself, and said [And Peter turning again to himself, said], Now I know verily, that the Lord sent his angel, and delivered me from the hand of Herod, and from all the abiding of the people of Jews.
12 And he beheld, and came to the house of Mary [And he beholding, came to the house of Mary], the mother of John, that is named Mark, where many were gathered together, and praying.
13 And when he knocked at the door of the gate, a damsel, Rhoda by name, came forth to see.