Ezekiel 24:10-20 WYC

10 gather thou together [the] bones, which I shall kindle with fire; (the) fleshes shall be wasted, and all the setting together shall be sodden (and it shall all be boiled away), and (the) bones shall fail.
11 Also set thou it void on coals, that the metal thereof wax hot, and be melted, and that the filth thereof be welled together in the midst thereof, and the rust thereof be wasted.
12 It was sweated by much travail (It was sweated over with much travail, or with much labour), and the over-great rust thereof went not out thereof, neither by fire.
13 Thine uncleanness is abominable; for I would cleanse thee, and thou art not cleansed from thy filths; but neither thou shalt be cleansed before, till I make mine indignation to rest in thee (and thou shalt not be cleansed, until I make my indignation to rest upon thee).
14 I the Lord spake; it shall come, and I shall make (it), I shall not pass, neither I shall spare, neither I shall be pleased; by thy ways and by thy findings, I shall deem thee, saith the Lord. (I the Lord spoke; it shall come, and I shall make it, I shall not pass by, or over, neither shall I spare thee, nor shall I repent, and not do it; by thy ways and by thy doings, I shall judge thee, saith the Lord.)
15 And the word of the Lord was made to me, and he said,
16 Thou, son of man, lo! I take away from thee the desirable thing of thine eyes in vengeance, and thou shalt not wail, neither weep, neither thy tears shall flow down. (Thou, son of man, lo! with vengeance I take away from thee the desire of thine eyes, and of thy heart, but thou shalt not wail, nor weep, nor shall thy tears flow down.)
17 Wail thou (while) being still, thou shalt not make mourning of dead men; thy crown be bound about thine head, and thy shoes shall be in the feet, neither thou shalt cover the mouth with a cloth, neither thou shalt eat the meats of mourners. (Wail thou, but silently, thou shalt not make mourning for the dead; let thy crown, or thy covering, be put upon thy head, and thy shoes shall be upon thy feet, but thou shalt not cover thy mouth with a cloth, nor shalt thou eat the food of mourners.)
18 Therefore I spake to the people in the morrowtide, and my wife was dead in the eventide; and I did in the morrowtide, as he had commanded to me.
19 And the people said to me, Why showest thou not to us what these things signify, which thou doest?
20 And I said to them, The word of the Lord was made to me, and he said,