Is this chapter the destruction of the city and temple of Jerusalem is
prophesied of; the former under the parable of a boiling pot; the latter
is represented by the sudden death of Ezekiel's wife. The time of this
prophecy was that very day the king of Babylon began the siege of
Jerusalem, \\#Eze 24:1,2\\, the parable of the boiling pot, \\#Eze 24:3-5\\,
the explanation and application of it to the city of Jerusalem,
\\#Eze 24:6-14\\, the prophet is told of the death of his wife, and bid not
to mourn on that account, which accordingly came to pass, \\#Eze 24:15-18\\,
upon the people's inquiring what these things meant, he informs them
that hereby was signified the profanation of the temple; and that their
distress should be so great, that they should not use any set forms of
mourning, but pine away and die, \\#Eze 24:19-24\\, and the chapter is
closed with assuring the prophet, that the day these things should come
to pass, a messenger should be sent him, to whom he should open his
mouth, and be no more dumb, \\#Eze 24:25-27\\.