Galatians 2:1-7 WYC

1 And since fourteen years after [Afterward after fourteen years], again I went up to Jerusalem with Barnabas, and took with me Titus.
2 [Forsooth] I went up by revelation, and spake with them the evangel [and said together with them the gospel], which I preach among the heathen; and by themselves to these that seemed to be somewhat, lest I run, or had run in vain [forsooth asides hand, or by themselves, to them that were seen to be somewhat, lest peradventure I should run in vain, or had run in vain.]
3 And neither Titus, that had been with me, while he was heathen, was compelled to be circumcised; [But neither Titus, that was with me, when he was heathen, was compelled to be circumcised;]
4 but for false brethren that were brought in, which had entered to espy our freedom, which we have in Jesus Christ, to bring us into servage. [+but for false brethren, under-brought in, which privily entered to espy our liberty, which we have in Christ Jesus, that they should drive us into servage.]
5 But we gave no place to subjection [+To whom neither at an hour we gave stead, or place, to subjection], that the truth of the gospel should dwell with you.
6 But of these that seemed to be somewhat; which they were sometime, it pertaineth not to me [what manner they were sometime, it pertaineth nothing to me], for God taketh not the person of man; for they that seemed to be somewhat, gave me nothing [nothing to me gave].
7 But on the contrary, when they had seen, that the evangel of [the] prepuce was given to me, as the evangel of circumcision was given to Peter [that the gospel of prepuce, or of heathen men, was taken to me, as and of circumcision to Peter];