Genesis 47:1-6 WYC

1 Therefore Joseph entered, and told to Pharaoh, and said, My father and brethren, the sheep and the great beasts of them, and all things that they wield (and all the things that they possess), have come from the land of Canaan; and lo! they stand in the land of Goshen.
2 And Joseph ordained five, the least, or meekest, men of his brethren, to come before the king,
3 whom he asked, What work have ye? They answered, We thy servants be keepers of sheep, both we and our fathers; (and Pharaoh asked them, What work do you do? And they answered, We, thy servants, be shepherds, and herdsmen, both we and our fathers;)
4 we came into thy land to be pilgrims, that is, to dwell for a time, for no grass is to the flocks of thy servants; for hunger waxeth grievous in the land of Canaan, and we ask that thou command us thy servants to be in the land of Goshen. (we have come to live in thy land, that is, to live here for a time, for there is no grass for the flocks, and herds, of thy servants, for the famine hath spread far and wide in the land of Canaan; and we ask that thou allow us, thy servants, to live in the land of Goshen.)
5 And so the king said to Joseph, Thy father and thy brethren have come to thee;
6 the land of Egypt is in thy sight; make thou them to dwell in the best place, and give thou to them the land of Goshen; that if thou knowest that witting men be in them, ordain them masters of my beasts. (the land of Egypt is before thee; have them live in the best place, and so give them the land of Goshen; and if thou knowest that knowledgeable men be among them, ordain them to be masters of my beasts.)