This chapter gives an account of the presentation of five of Joseph's
brethren, and then of his father, to Pharaoh, and of what passed
between them, \\#Ge 47:1-10\\; of Joseph's settlement of them, according to
the direction of Pharaoh, in the land of Rameses in Goshen, and of his
provision for them there, \\#Ge 47:11,12\\; of his getting into his hands,
for Pharaoh, the money, cattle, and lands, of the Egyptians, excepting
the lands belonging to the priests, for corn he had supplied them with,
\\#Ge 47:13-22\\; of his giving them seed to sow with, on condition of
Pharaoh's having a fifth part of the produce, \\#Ge 47:23-26\\, of the
increase of Jacob's substance in Egypt, and that of his children; of
the time of his living there, and his approaching death, when he called
Joseph to him, and obliged him by an oath to bury him in the burying
place of his fathers, \\#Ge 47:27-31\\.