Hebrews 10:12-22 WYC

12 But this man offering one sacrifice for sins, for evermore sitteth in the right half of God the Father [for evermore sitteth on the right half of God the Father];
13 from thenceforth abiding, till his enemies be put a stool of his feet [till his enemies be put a stool under his feet].
14 For by one offering he made perfect for ever hallowed men.
15 And the Holy Ghost witnesseth to us; for after that he said [forsooth afterward he said],
16 This is the testament, which I shall witness to them after those days, the Lord saith [saith the Lord], in giving my laws in the hearts of them, and in the souls of them I shall above write them;
17 and now I shall no more think on the sins and the wickedness of them [and wickednesses of them].
18 And where remission of these is, now is there none offering for sin.
19 Therefore, brethren, having trust into the entering of holy things in the blood of Christ,
20 which [he] hallowed to us a new way, and living by the covering [by a veil, or covering], that is to say, his flesh,
21 and we having the great priest on [upon] the house of God,
22 approach we with very heart in the plenty of faith [nigh we with very heart in the plenty of faith]; and be our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, and our bodies washed with clean water,