27 Lo! the name of the Lord cometh down from [a]far; his strong vengeance is burning, and grievous to bear; his lips be filled of indignation, and his tongue is as fire devouring (his lips be full of anger, and his tongue is like a devouring fire).
28 His spirit is as a stiff stream, (over)flowing till to the midst of the neck, to lose folks into nought, and the bridle of error, that was in the cheeks of peoples. (His breath is like a swift stream, overflowing unto the midst of their necks, to destroy the nations down into nothing, and like a bridle that was put on the cheeks of the people, to cause them to err.)
29 Song shall be to you, as the voice of an hallowed solemnity; and gladness of heart, as he that goeth with a pipe, for to enter into the hill of the Lord, to the Strong (One) of Israel. (A song shall be for you, like on the night of a solemn, or of a sacred, feast; and happiness of heart, like he who goeth with a pipe, or with a flute, to the hill of the Lord, yea, to the Strong One of Israel.)
30 And the Lord shall make heard the glory of his voice, and he shall show the fearedfulness of his arm in menacing of (his) strong vengeance, and in flame of fire burning; he shall hurtle down in whirlwind, and in [the] stone of hail. (And the Lord shall make heard the glory of his voice, and he shall show the fearfulness of his arm with the threatening of his strong vengeance, and with the flame of a burning fire; he shall hurtle down with the whirlwind, and with the hailstone.)
31 For why Assur smitten with a rod shall dread of the voice of the Lord; (For the Assyrians shall fear the voice of the Lord, and shall be struck with his rod;)
32 and the passing of the rod shall be founded, which rod the Lord shall make for to rest on him. In tympans, and harps, and in sovereign battles he shall overcome them. (and the striking of his rod shall be marked with drums, or with tambourines, and with harps, which rod the Lord shall make to rest upon them. And he himself shall overcome them in battle.)
33 For why Tophet, that is, hell, deep and alarged, is made ready of the king from yesterday; the nourishings thereof be fire and many trees; the blast of the Lord, as a stream of brimstone, kindleth it. (For Tophet, that is, hell, is made ready from yesterday, yea, it is prepared for the king, made deep and enlarged; its nourishings be fire and a great deal of wood; and the breath of the Lord, like a stream of brimstone, kindleth it.)