This chapter contains a complaint of the Jews for their sins and
transgressions; a prophecy of their destruction for them; a promise of
grace and mercy, and of happy times, to the saints; and a threatening
of utter and dreadful ruin to the wicked. The Jews are complained of
for their rebellion against God, their slighting his counsel and
protection, their trust in Egypt, and application there for help;
whither they went with their riches for safety, but in vain, it being
contrary to the will and counsel of God, \\#Isa 30:1-7\\ next follows a
denunciation of ruin and destruction for these things, rebellion, and
lying, and vain confidence, as well as for contempt of the word of God,
which, that it might appear sure and certain, is ordered to be written
in a book, \\#Isa 30:8-12\\ and this ruin is signified by the sudden
falling of a wall, and by the breaking of a potter's vessel into
pieces, which can never be used more, \\#Isa 30:13,14\\ and seeing they
rejected the way of salvation proposed by the Lord, and took their own
way, first destruction is threatened them, which should be very easily
brought about, and become so general, that few should escape it,
\\#Isa 30:15-17\\ and then promises of grace and mercy are made to them
that wait for the Lord, \\#Isa 30:18\\ such as a dwelling place in
Zion, hearing their prayers, granting them teachers to instruct them,
and the riddance of idolatry from them, \\#Isa 30:19-22\\ and also many
outward blessings, as seasonable rain, good bread corn, fat pastures,
good food for cattle, and fruitfulness of mountains and hills,
\\#Isa 30:23-25\\ likewise an amazing degree of spiritual light and
glory, and healing of the Lord's people, \\#Isa 30:26\\ and the chapter
is concluded with a threatening Of God's wrath upon the Assyrian,
expressed by various similes, as of an angry man, an overflowing
torrent, a tempest of thunder, lightning, and hail, and the fire of
Tophet, \\#Isa 30:27-33\\.

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