3 For we were sometime unwise, unbelieveful, erring, and serving to desires, and to diverse lusts [and diverse lusts], doing in malice and envy, worthy to be hated, hating each other [hateful, hating together].
4 But when the benignity and the manhood of our Saviour God appeared, [+Forsooth when the benignity and humanity, or manhood/or large mercy, of God our Saviour appeared,]
5 not of works of rightwiseness that we did, but by his mercy [but after his mercy] he made us safe, by [the] washing of again-begetting, and again-newing of the Holy Ghost,
6 whom he shedded [out] into us plenteously by Jesus Christ, our Saviour,
7 that we justified by his grace, be heirs by hope [be heirs after hope] of everlasting life.
8 A true word is [this], and of these things I will that thou confirm others, that they that believe in God, be busy to be above others in good works [care, or do busyness, to be before in good works]. These things be good, and profitable to men.