Luke 7:1-6 YLT

1 And when he completed all his sayings in the ears of the people, he went into Capernaum;
2 and a certain centurion's servant being ill, was about to die, who was much valued by him,
3 and having heard about Jesus, he sent unto him elders of the Jews, beseeching him, that having come he might thoroughly save his servant.
4 And they, having come near unto Jesus, were calling upon him earnestly, saying -- `He is worthy to whom thou shalt do this,
5 for he doth love our nation, and the synagogue he did build to us.'
6 And Jesus was going on with them, and now when he is not far distant from the house the centurion sent unto him friends, saying to him, `Sir, be not troubled, for I am not worthy that under my roof thou mayest enter;