Psalm 37:3-13 YLT

3 Trust in Jehovah, and do good, Dwell [in] the land, and enjoy faithfulness,
4 And delight thyself on Jehovah, And He giveth to thee the petitions of thy heart.
5 Roll on Jehovah thy way, And trust upon Him, and He worketh,
6 And hath brought out as light thy righteousness, And thy judgment as noon-day.
7 Be silent for Jehovah, and stay thyself for Him, Do not fret because of him Who is making prosperous his way, Because of a man doing wicked devices.
8 Desist from anger, and forsake fury, Fret not thyself only to do evil.
9 For evil doers are cut off, As to those waiting on Jehovah, they possess the land.
10 And yet a little, and the wicked is not, And thou hast considered his place, and it is not.
11 And the humble do possess the land, And they have delighted themselves In the abundance of peace.
12 The wicked is devising against the righteous, And gnashing against him his teeth.
13 The Lord doth laugh at him, For He hath seen that his day cometh.