Zephaniah 1:4-9 NIV

Against Judah

4 "I will stretch out my hand1 against Judah and against all who live in Jerusalem. I will cut off from this place every remnant of Baal,2 the names of the pagan and the idolatrous priests3--

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5 those who bow down on the roofs to worship the starry host,4 those who bow down and swear by the LORD and who also swear by Molech,a5

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    • b 1:5 - Hebrew "Malcam," that is, Milcom
      6 those who turn back from following6 the LORD and neither seek7 the LORD nor inquire8 of him.

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      7 Be silent9 before the Sovereign LORD, for the day of the LORD 10 is near. The LORD has prepared a sacrifice;11 he has consecrated those he has invited.

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      8 On the day of the LORD's sacrifice I will punish12 the princes and the king's sons13 and all those clad in foreign clothes.

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      9 On that day I will punish all who avoid stepping on the threshold,b14 who fill the temple of their gods with violence and deceit.15

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        • c 1:9 - See 1 Samuel 5:5.