Job 6:6-16

6 Can that which hath no savor be eaten without salt? Or is there any taste in the white of an egg?
7 My soul refuseth to touch [them]; They are as loathsome food to me.
8 Oh that I might have my request; And that God would grant [me] the thing that I long for!
9 Even that it would please God to crush me; That he would let loose his hand, and cut me off!
10 And be it still my consolation, Yea, let me exult in pain that spareth not, That I have not denied the words of the Holy One.
11 What is my strength, that I should wait? And what is mine end, that I should be patient?
12 Is my strength the strength of stones? Or is my flesh of brass?
13 Is it not that I have no help in me, And that wisdom is driven quite from me?
14 To him that is ready to faint kindness [should be showed] from his friend; Even to him that forsaketh the fear of the Almighty.
15 My brethren have dealt deceitfully as a brook, As the channel of brooks that pass away;
16 Which are black by reason of the ice, [And] wherein the snow hideth itself:
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