Britt Mooney

Britt MooneyBritt Mooney (with his amazing wife, Becca) has lived as a missionary in Korea, traveled for missions to several countries, and now lives in Suwanee GA as a church planter that works bi-vocationally with Phoenix Roasters, a missional coffee company. He has a podcast about the Kingdom of God called Kingdom Over Coffee and is a published author with Say Yes: How God-Sized Dreams Take Flight.

Why Did the First Believers Receive the Holy Spirit Via Tongues of Fire

When the feast of Pentecost arrived, the Spirit descended, and “tongues of fire” were upon each disciple (Acts 2:3).

Who Was Dagon in the Bible, and What Happened to This Idol?

Dagon in the Bible was a major focus of worship in the area, and God dealt with this idol a few times in the historical narrative.

God Is Spirit, Is This True?

In the Gospel of John, while speaking with the Samaritan woman at the well, Jesus makes a bold declaration. “God is Spirit” (John 14:24).

What Does it Truly Mean to Be a Child of God?

What does it mean to be called children of God?  The exploration of these questions is life-changing for us, too. 

Can God Actually Lead Us into Temptation?

A question naturally follows. Does God actually lead us into temptation? That seems opposite of a good God who cares about us. It makes us uncomfortable.

Who Is Malachi the Prophet, the Last Writer of the Old Testament?

The book of Malachi is the end of the Old Testament. But God makes it clear that it is not the end of the Story He is telling. The best is yet to come.

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