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7 Daily Steps to Trust in the Lord with All Your Heart

Perhaps you’ve been told that as a Christian you must learn to “trust in the Lord with all your heart.” But what does that mean each day? Follow these 7 daily steps to make sure you’re leaning on the Lord.

Go Ahead, Shine - Crosswalk the Devotional - July 31

People like the old me don't always even know what gnaws at them.

4 Prayers Every Husband Needs to Pray over His Wife

You’ll never love your wife more than when you pray for her. Let these four prayers guide you as you cry out to God for her each day.

3 Surprising Ways I Can Do All Things through Christ Who Strengthens Me

I confess that I’m one of the millions of Christians who regularly recites Philippians 4:13. How can you not love this uplifting, soul-stirring, take-on-the-world promise? But there’s actually more encouragement in this verse than you might think at first. Here are 3 surprising ways we can truly do “all things” through Christ.

3 Inspiring Ways to See that Love is Patient, Love is Kind

No other description of love has surpassed the simple—yet powerful—words that the apostle Paul put on paper nearly 2,000 years ago. Why? Because real love truly is patient and kind.

3 Proven Ways to Run the Race That Is Set before Us

How exactly can we run this race that is set before us? Thankfully, we’re not left jogging in the dark. The author of Hebrews provides 3 proven ways to keep us on the right track.

How to Know with Certainty the Plans God Has for You

If God “knows the plans He has for you,” then how can you figure out what those are? You might be surprised to know that the answers are in that very same passage in Jeremiah 29.

4 Incredibly Frustrating Things Your Husband Does (and Why They’re Actually Okay)

God designed us dads a bit differently than you moms. And while what we do may frustrate you at times, our differences can be a really good thing.

10 Tales of Terror from the Bible

October is the month of Halloween, a time when people embrace the spooky side of life and entertain themselves with great tales of woe. Most Christians prefer to avoid Halloween, but for those who don’t, a surprising treat can be found in the most unlikely place.

Gather ‘round, and prepare to read tales of true terror. From bones that come alive to monsters lurking in the lagoon, here you’ll find reasons to keep the lights on… that is, if you dare to delve deeper.

Where did we dig up these 10 tales of terror? They’re all found in your Bible.

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