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Randy Alcorn

How to Stay Motivated in Your Relationship with Christ

When you come to know Christ and put your faith in Him, Jesus changes your life. You’re excited about Him, and everything in life is a contrast to what it was before. But over the long haul, how do you keep that motivation going? How do you sustain a Christ-centered life?

How God Uses Stress for Our Good and His Glory

Stress is an effective tool in the hands of our God, a tool that is intended both for His glory and our good. In this article we will look at some ways God uses stress.

4 Ways Generosity Benefits Us

By God’s grace, it’s not only others who benefit when we give. Here are just four of the many benefits we receive when we choose generosity.

11 Important Thoughts for Those Considering Divorce

This is NOT an attack piece on the divorced. It is written for the many believers who may be considering a divorce too soon because it is a cultural norm.

Is There an Expectation of Eternal Life in the Old Testament?

The New Testament reflects much more specific revelation from God of the afterlife. Yet there are some strong Old Testament indicators, though not nearly as many.

Will We Celebrate the Birth of Christ in Heaven?

"The Word became flesh" is the true meaning of Christmas. So, do I think we will celebrate Christmas in Heaven? Yes, and here's why...

Immanuel: God with Us Forever

The best part of Christmas is not the presents we receive, but the presence of God with us. Christmas can be a hint, a foretaste of the celebration God’s family will enjoy together.

Unworthy of the Cross

The fact that Christ died for us is never given in Scripture as a proof of our value as wonderful people, but a demonstration of his unfathomable love. So unfathomable that he would die for rotten people, “wretches” like you and me.

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