2 Timothy 3:1-9

1 But be certain of this, that in the last days times of trouble will come.
2 For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, uplifted in pride, given to bitter words, going against the authority of their fathers, never giving praise, having no religion,
3 Without natural love, bitter haters, saying evil of others, violent and uncontrolled, hating all good,
4 False to their friends, acting without thought, lifted up in mind, loving pleasure more than God;
5 Having a form of religion, but turning their backs on the power of it: go not with these.
6 For these are they who go secretly into houses, making prisoners of foolish women, weighted down with sin, turned from the way by their evil desires,
7 Ever learning, and never coming to the knowledge of what is true.
8 And as James and Jambres went against Moses, so do these go against what is true: men of evil minds, who, tested by faith, are seen to be false.
9 But they will go no farther: for their foolish behaviour will be clear to all men, as theirs was in the end.
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