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Beyond Sunday

Beyond Sunday: Another Kind of Holiness

No one can explain the phenomena of Israel and the Holy One of Israel adequately without realizing the fundamental distinctive of Yahweh's transcendence.

Beyond Sunday: A Good Requirement

The good which God requires of us is, not the paying a price for the pardon of sin and acceptance with God, but love to himself; and what is there unreasonable, or hard, in this?

Beyond Sunday: A Mystery Man

During Abram's sojourn in Canaan, Melchizedek met and treated him with hospitality (Genesis 14:18-20). Much mystery appears to hang about this distinguished personage.

Beyond Sunday: Celebrating Advent

Advent prepares us not only to commemorate Jesus' first, humble arrival in a manger, but also helps us more fully invite Christ into our present lives while anticipating His final, glorious coming.

Beyond Sunday: Buy Wisdom

Wisdom, in the ancient world, was a way of viewing and approaching life, instructing the young in proper conduct and morality, and answering questions about life's meaning...

Beyond Sunday: Coming Out Gold

While living in the midst of great prosperity, Job was suddenly overwhelmed by a series of trials that fell upon him. Amid all his sufferings he maintained his integrity.

Beyond Sunday: For a Season

There is a certain time appointed by God, which no human mind or action can alter. By virtue of this appointment of God, all changes that happen in the world, whether comforts or calamities, come to pass.

Beyond Sunday: Content in All Things

Christ gives us the strength to be content in any and every circumstance. This isn't carte blanche power to conquer every problem the world throws our way...

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