Jeremiah 9:1-11

1 If only my head were a spring of water, and my eyes a fountain of tears, I would weep day and night for the wounds of my people.
2 If only I could flee for shelter in the desert, to leave my people and forget them— for they are all adulterers, a bunch of crooks.
3 They bend their tongues like bows to spew out lies; they are renowned in the land, but not for truth. They go from bad to worse. They don't know me! declares the LORD.
4 Be wary of your friends! Don't trust your sibling! Every sibling is a cheater, and every friend traffics in slander.
5 One cheats the other; no one tells the truth; they train themselves to lie; they wear themselves out by doing wrong.
6 You live in a world of deceit, and in their deceit they refuse to know me, declares the LORD.
7 Therefore, the LORD of heavenly forces proclaims: I'm going to refine and test them, for what else can I do with my people?
8 Their tongue is a lethal arrow; their words are deceitful. They wish their neighbors well, but in their hearts plot their ruin.
9 Shouldn't I punish them for this? declares the LORD; shouldn't I avenge such a nation?
10 I will weep and wail for the mountains, and lament for the grazing lands in the wilderness. They are dried up and deserted; no sound of the flocks is heard; no sign of birds or animals is seen; all have vanished.
11 I will reduce Jerusalem to ruins, a den for wild dogs. I will make the towns of Judah a wasteland, without inhabitant.