This chapter is a continuation of the judgments of God upon the Jews
for their sins and transgressions herein mentioned; illustrated by the
lamentation of the prophet; by calling for the mourning women, and upon
other women that had lost their husbands or children, with an
intimation that none of any rank and class should escape. The prophet
is introduced mourning over the destruction of his people, \\#Jer 9:1\\,
and as uneasy at his stay with them, because of their uncleanness,
treachery, lying, unfaithfulness, and deceit, \\#Jer 9:2-6\\, wherefore
the Lord threatens to melt and try them; and for their deceitfulness
particularly to visit them, and avenge himself on them, \\#Jer 9:7-9\\,
the destruction is described by the desolation of the mountains and
habitations of the wilderness; they being so burnt up, that there were
neither grass upon them, nor beasts nor birds to be seen or heard about
them; and of Jerusalem, and the cities of Judah, so that there was no
inhabitant in them, \\#Jer 9:10,11\\, upon which a wise man is inquired
after, to give the true reason of all this, \\#Jer 9:12\\ but none
appearing, the Lord gives it himself; which were their disobedience to
his law, and their worship of idols, following the imagination of their
own hearts, \\#Jer 9:13,14\\ wherefore they are threatened to be fed
with wormwood and gall; to be scattered among the nations, and a sword
sent after them to their utter consumption, \\#Jer 9:15,16\\, hence,
for the certainty of it, mourning women are ordered to be called for in
haste, to assist them in their mourning, on account of their distress,
\\#Jer 9:17-19\\, and such as were mothers of children are bid to teach
their daughters and neighbours lamentation, because of the children and
young men cut off by death, and for the carcasses of men that should
fall as dung in the field, and as the handful after the harvestman,
\\#Jer 9:20-22\\, and it is suggested that none should escape; not the
wise man by any art or cunning he was master of; nor the strong man by
his strength; nor the rich man by his riches; and therefore ought not
either of them to glory in these things, but in the Lord, as exercising
lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness in the earth, \\#Jer 9:23,24\\,
and the chapter is concluded with a strong asseveration, that the
wicked, both circumcised and uncircumcised, should be punished,
\\#Jer 9:25,26\\.