Job 21:7-16

The success of the wicked

7 Why do the wicked live, grow old, and even become strong?
8 Their children are always with them, their offspring in their sight,
9 their houses safe from dread, God's punishing stick not upon them.
10 Their bull always breeds successfully; their cows give birth and never miscarry.
11 They send forth their little ones like sheep; their infants bounce around.
12 They raise drum and lyre, rejoice at the sound of a flute.
13 They spend their days contentedly, go down to the grave peacefully.
14 They say to God, "Turn away from us; we take no pleasure in knowing your ways;
15 who is the Almighty that we should serve him, and what can we gain if we meet him?"
16 Look, isn't their well-being the work of their own hands? A sinner's logic is beyond me.