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Deuteronomy 32:8-28

8 "When 'Elyon gave each nation its heritage, when he divided the human race, he assigned the boundaries of peoples according to Isra'el's population;
9 but ADONAI's share was his own people, Ya'akov his allotted heritage.
10 "He found his people in desert country, in a howling, wasted wilderness. He protected him and cared for him, guarded him like the pupil of his eye,
11 like an eagle that stirs up her nest, hovers over her young, spreads out her wings, takes them and carries them as she flies.
12 "ADONAI alone led his people; no alien god was with him.
13 He made them ride on the heights of the earth. They ate the produce of the fields. He had them suck honey from the rocks and olive oil from the crags,
14 curds from the cows and milk from the sheep, with lamb fat, rams from Bashan and goats, with the finest wheat flour; and you drank sparkling wine from the blood of grapes.
15 "But Yeshurun grew fat and kicked (you grew fat, thick, gross!). He abandoned God his Maker; he scorned the Rock, his salvation.
16 They roused him to jealousy with alien gods, provoked him with abominations.
17 They sacrificed to demons, non-gods, gods that they had never known, new gods that had come up lately, which your ancestors had not feared.
18 You ignored the Rock who fathered you, you forgot God, who gave you birth.
19 "ADONAI saw and was filled with scorn at his sons' and daughters' provocation.
20 He said, 'I will hide my face from them and see what will become of them; for they are a perverse generation, untrustworthy children.
21 They aroused my jealousy with a non-god and provoked me with their vanities; I will arouse their jealousy with a non-people and provoke them with a vile nation.
22 "'For my anger has been fired up. It burns to the depths of Sh'ol, devouring the earth and its crops, kindling the very roots of the hills.
23 I will heap disasters on them and use up all my arrows against them.
24 "'Fatigued by hunger, they will be consumed by fever and bitter defeat; I will send them the fangs of wild beasts, and the poison of reptiles crawling in the dust.
25 Outside, the sword makes parents childless; inside, there is panic, as young men and girls alike are slain, sucklings and graybeards together.
26 "'I considered putting an end to them, erasing their memory from the human race;
27 but I feared the insolence of their enemy, feared that their foes would mistakenly think, "We ourselves accomplished this; ADONAI had nothing to do with it."
28 "'They are a nation without common sense, utterly lacking in discernment.
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