Jeremiah 2:28-37

28 Where are your gods that you made for yourselves? Let them rouse themselves, if they can save you when trouble comes. Y'hudah, you have as many gods as you have cities!
29 Why argue with me? You have all rebelled against me!" says ADONAI.
30 "In vain have I struck down your people. They would not receive correction. Your own sword has devoured your prophets like a marauding lion.
31 You of this generation, look at the word of ADONAI: Have I been a desert to Isra'el? or a land of oppressive darkness? Why do my people say, 'We're free to roam, we will no longer come to you'?
32 Does a girl forget her jewellery, or a bride her wedding sash? Yet my people have forgotten me, days beyond numbering.
33 You are so clever in your search for love that the worst of women can learn from you!
34 Right there on your clothing is the blood of the innocent poor, although you never caught them breaking and entering. Yet concerning all these things,
35 you say, 'I am innocent; surely he's no longer angry at me.' Here, I am passing sentence on you, because you say, 'I have done nothing wrong.'
36 You cheapen yourself when you change course so often - you will be disappointed by Egypt too, just as you were disappointed by Ashur.
37 Yes, you will leave him too, with your hands on your heads [in shame]. For ADONAI rejects those in whom you trust; from them you will gain nothing."