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Week-Day Evening Addresses, Delivered in Manchester

  • I

    Elijah Standing Before the Lord

  • II

    The Old Store and the New

  • III

    The Praying Christ

  • IV

    The Encamping Angel

  • V

    Heroic Faith

  • VI

    The Charge of the Pilgrim Priests

  • VII

    Christ's Lament Over Our Faithlessness

  • VIII

    An Old Disciple

  • IX

    "The Hands of the Might God of Jacob"

  • X

    The Shepherd, the Stone of Israel

  • XI

    The Light of the World

  • XII

    Fear and Faith

  • XIII

    Waiting and Singing

  • XIV

    Quartus A Brother

  • XV

    Shod for the Road

  • XVI

    Taking from God the Best Giving to God

  • XVII

    Silence to God


    The Valley of Achor

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