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Lectures on the Evidences of Christianity in the Nineteenth Century

Albert Barnes
  • Preface

  • Lecture I

    The limitations of the human mind on the subject of religion.

  • Lecture II

    Historical evidence as affected by time.

  • Lecture III

    Historical evidence as affected by science.

  • Lecture IV

    The evidency of Christianity from its propogation.

  • Lecture V

    Miracles: the evidence i the nineteenth century that they were performed in the first.

  • Lecture VI

    The argument for the truth of Christianity, in the nineteenth century, from prophecy.

  • Lecture VII

    Inspiration of the Scriptures with reference to the objections made in the nineteenth century.

  • Lecture VIII

    The evidence of the divine origin of Christianity from the personal character and the incarnation of Christ.

  • Lecture IX

    The Christian religion as adapted the the wants of man, as illustrated in these eighteen hundred years.

  • Lecture X

    The relation of Christianity to the world's progress in science, civilization, and the arts in the nineteenth century.

  • Appendix

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