Sermons on Important Subjects Volume 2

Samuel Davies

Life and immortality revealed in the gospel.

Jesus Christ the only foundation.

The necessity and excellence of family-religion.

The rule of equity.

Dedication to God argued from redeeming mercy.

The Christian feast.

The nature and blessedness of sonship with God.

A sermon on the new year.

An enrolment of our names in heaven the noblest source of joy.

The success of the gospel by the divine power upon the souls of men.

The divine perfections illustrated in the method of salvation, through the sufferings of Christ.

Religion the highest wisdom, and sin the greatest madness and folly.

Rejection of Christ a common, but most unreasonable iniquity.

The doom of the incorrigible sinner.

The nature of looking to Christ opened and explained.

Arguments to enforce our looking to Christ.

The vessels of mercy and the vessels of wrath delineated.

The nature and necessity of true repentance.

The tender anxieties of ministers for their people.

The wonderful compassions of Christ to the greatest sinners.

The nature of love to God and Christ opened and enforced.

The nature and author of regeneration.

The divine life in the souls of men considered

The divine life in the souls of men considered.

The ways of sin hard and difficult.

The characters of the whole and sick, in a spiritual sense, considered and contrasted.

A sight of Christ the desire and delight of saints in all ages.

The law and gospel.

The gospel invitation.

The nature of justification, and the nature and concern of faith in it.

The success of the ministry of the gospel, owing to a divine influence.

The rejection of gospel-light the condemnation of men.