Aaronites [S]

the descendants of Aaron, and therefore priests. Jehoiada, the father of Benaiah, led 3,700 Aaronites as "fighting men" to the support of David at Hebron ( 1 Chronicles 12:27 ). Eleazar ( Numbers 3:32 ), and at a later period Zadok ( 1 Chronicles 27:17 ), was their chief.

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Aaronites [E]

( 1 Chronicles 12:27 ) priests of the family of Aaron. [E] indicates this entry was also found in Easton's Bible Dictionary

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ar'-on-its (le-'aharon, literally, "belonging to Aaron"):

A word used in the King James Version, but not in the revised versions, to translate the proper name Aaron in two instances where it. denotes a family and not merely a person (1 Chronicles 12:27; 27:17). It is equivalent to the phrases "sons of Aaron," "house of Aaron," frequently used in the Old Testament. According to the books of Jos and Chronicles the "sons of Aaron," were distinguished from the other Levites from the time of Joshua (e.g. Joshua 21:4,10,13; 1 Chronicles 6:54).

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