1 Maccabees 10:56-66

56 I agree to your proposals, but first meet me at Ptolemais. We can get acquainted there, and I will give you my daughter in marriage."
57 So in the year 162 Ptolemy and his daughter Cleopatra left Egypt and arrived at Ptolemais.
58 King Alexander met them, and Ptolemy gave him his daughter in marriage. The wedding was celebrated there in Ptolemais with royal splendor.
59 King Alexander wrote asking Jonathan to come to meet him.
60 So Jonathan, in a show of splendor, went to Ptolemais and met the two kings. He presented them with gifts of silver and gold, and he also gave many gifts to the high officials who had accompanied them. Everyone was favorably impressed with him.
61 At the same time some traitorous Jews who wanted to make trouble for Jonathan made accusations against him, but King Alexander paid no attention to them.
62 He gave orders that Jonathan should be given royal robes to wear,
63 and he honored him by letting him sit at his side. Alexander told his officers to take Jonathan into the center of the city and to announce that no one was to bring charges against him for any reason and no one was to cause him any kind of trouble.
64 When his accusers saw the honors given to him, heard the announcement, and saw him clothed in royal robes, they all fled.
65 The king further honored Jonathan by enrolling him in the First Order of the "Friends of the King" and by making him general and governor of his province.
66 Jonathan returned to Jerusalem pleased and successful.