1 Maccabees 11:21-31

21 But some traitorous Jews who hated their own nation went to King Demetrius the Second and told him that Jonathan was laying siege to the fort in Jerusalem.
22 When Demetrius heard this, he was furious and immediately moved his headquarters to Ptolemais. He wrote to Jonathan and ordered him to lift the siege and to meet him for a conference in Ptolemais without a moment's delay.
23 When Jonathan got the message, he gave orders for the siege to continue, and then chose some Jewish leaders and some priests to go with him. At the risk of his life,
24 he went to the king in Ptolemais, taking along robes, silver and gold, and many other gifts. He made a good impression on the king.
25 Although some lawless traitors of his own nation had made accusations against Jonathan,
26 the king still treated him just as his predecessors had done. He honored him in the presence of all his advisers,
27 and confirmed him as High Priest, restoring all his former honors and appointing him to the highest rank among the "Friends of the King."
28 Jonathan asked the king to release the territory of Judea and the three regions of Samaria from the payment of taxes, promising that if Demetrius would do that, he would pay him a lump sum of 22,000 pounds of silver.
29 The king agreed and wrote a letter to Jonathan to confirm all this:
30 "King Demetrius to King Jonathan and to the Jewish nation, greetings.
31 "For your information I am sending a copy of the letter I have written to the Honorable Lasthenes about you: